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When residents come to Valley View, our goal is to stabilize their care needs and develop a comprehensive plan of care that guides our care team professionals to promote their physical and psychological long-term health and wellbeing.

As a level three residential care home, we are licensed to provide our residents with room, board, personal care assistance, general supervision, medication management, clinical care coordination, case management services and transportation.


Our experienced and professionally trained care management team closely collaborates to develop, manage and maintain individualized service plans for all of our residents to assure that the care they are receiving is reflective of their transformative needs. Our dedicated staff respect and nurture a therapeutic living environment for residents that will support their continued independence all while being able to meet their health care needs. All of our staff take considerable responsibility in ensuring that residents are receiving the highest quality of care and medical oversight.


Assistance with Activities of Daily Living:

Our experienced personal and nursing care providers support residents with all of their requested and/or required care needs under the direct supervision of our management team and medical personnel. With the caregiver-to-resident ratio we staff, caregivers are afforded adequate time to provide quality care services to all of our residents without any overarching concerns for time restrictions. Full range assistance is available to all residents, as needed, with all of the general activities of daily living including, but not limited to: 24-hour general supervision, physical ambulation and mobility, memory care, transfers, incontinence care, personal and oral hygiene, dressing, grooming, eating, meal preparation, maintaining a choice schedule, medication management, medical oversight, case management, and with any other types of care needs they may request or require.

Assistance with Medications and Healthcare Management:

All members of our care management team will be involved in addressing any and all of the healthcare needs for our residents; from medication management to coordinating care with outside medical providers.


Residents will be provided with their own primary personal care assistant who will be responsible for assisting them with any activities of daily living as needed. Their care assistant will also be responsible for coordinating care management team and involving the resident and/or their family with all care needs, expectations, and outcomes.


Residents will be provided with a case manager that will oversee and coordinate their personal and medical care within and out of the home. Case management will address a resident’s needs and coordinate with caregivers and outside providers for any medical and/or non-medical care. Most importantly, a resident’s case manager will be there for them whatever their needs may be at the time. This provides residents with a direct point of contact they are able to communicate with whenever they have needs, concerns, complaints, etc.

Nursing Care and Services:

Our registered nurse will visit the home weekly, for how ever long she is needed to address all or our residents nursing care needs. She is also available for consults, assessments and care as needed 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. She will be apart of the resident’s care management team and assist with completing assessments, and the development of their individualized service plan. She will also communicate and coordinate with the resident and their support team within the home weekly, and on an as needed basis to ensure all of their care needs are being adeuqtley met by staff.


If a resident’s care needs at some point require more hands-on and/or skilled nursing care, regularly or temporarily, additional nursing care and services may be available through area home health agencies who can provide additional supportive nursing services, and trained medical providers to assist in managing chronic and/or complex medical conditions that warrant more medical oversight.


As part of our on-going commitment to enabling our residents to age-in-place and remain living within the comforts of home, hospice (end-of-life) care services can be provided here if ordered by a physician. Hospice services are overseen and coordinated with area home health agencies such as the Visiting Nurses and Hospice for Vermont and New Hampshire, a Dartmouth-Hitchcock affiliate.

Room and Board:

Residents will be provided with a shared or private bedroom; all of our bedrooms are private with the exception of one reserved for residents who would prefer having a companion. All of our bedrooms are customizable, and we encourage residents and their families to design their bedroom to their personal style. Residents may bring their own furnishings, as space permits, or we can happily provide them with furniture if desired.


We have weekly menu rotations to ensure minimal repetition in our meal options. All of our menus are planned and centered around the individualized preferences of our residents, their dietary needs, and nutritional standards. Every Sunday, staff will host a coffee social and invite all of the residents to come enjoy snacks in the dining room to participate in planning the menu for the following week. We rely upon the participation of our residents to meet our goal to serve meals that are satisfying for everyone. Substitute meal options are always available for residents who have alternative preferences from the majority.

All of our meals are prepared and home-cooked, by our staff, in our country kitchen where residents are welcome and encouraged to join in with cooking if they so chose.

Additional Services Available In-Home:

  • Long-term care pharmacy services and convenient delivery system

  • Professional full-service cosmetology and barber services

  • Professional mental health services (offered by local providers and agencies)

  • Physical, occupational therapy, and rehabilitation care (offered by local
    home health agencies)

  • Medical social services and case management

  • Primary care services (monthly home visits by a medical provider for residents receiving

  • oversight by the physician that services our home only). You are not required to switch to the provider servicing our home.

Be advised that these services are being provided by non-affiliated individuals and/or businesses; therefore, residents will be responsible to pay for all applicable charges accrued from rendering any of the above services.

Admission Forms and Additional Information:

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