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Activities are a consistently evolving process at Valley View, as we recognize that each resident has specific care needs that may affect their individual abilities to participate in independent and/or group activities. As part of our on-going efforts to ensure that all residents have adequate opportunities to participate in daily activities, our staff work at the direction of the residents to organize activities that are centered around their expressed interests with consideration to their abilities to participate. Residents who struggle with cognitive or memory impairments are always given the option to participate in group activities with increased support from staff and/or provided with a modified version of the activity to reduce potential frustrations.

Conflicting interests and social barriers can often hinder activity participation, which is why our staff focuses on both group and independent daily activities to avoid any resident feeling unstimulated. One of the many benefits to a smaller setting is that our residents and staff enjoy the privilege of being able to customize any activity to conform to the needs of our residents to minimize any feelings of exclusion.  


Daily Activities Available:

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Cooking, Baking, Movie Groups, Reading Groups, and History Groups

  • Bingo

  • Social Gatherings, Coffee and Ice Cream Socials

  • Large Group Puzzles, Board and Card Games

  • Social Engagements

  • Pet Therapy

  • Independently Organized Activities Based on Resident Requests

Specialty Activities:

  • Trips to nearby towns and shopping plazas

  • Fall Foliage Excursions and Nature Travels

  • White Mountain NH Train Rides 

  • Annual Antique Auto Show, Fairs, and Festivals

  • Community Town Events

  • Live Comedy and Musical Entertainment

  • Outdoor Walking Excursions, Horticulture Projects and Campfires

  • Fishing Trips to Nearby Lakes, Rivers and Ponds

  • Spiritual and Religious Services

  • Healthy Living Workshops

  • Holiday and Birthday Parties

  • Lunch Trips to Local Restaurants

  • Participation in Memorial, Labor and Independence Day Festivities

  • Family and Community BBQs

  • Evening and Late Night Car Ride

  • Car Rides to Local New England Tourist Towns: Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont

We also offer specialized independent and/or group activities for residents with cognitive or memory impairments such as dementia and Alzheimer’s throughout the entire day. There will be times when everyday normal activities become increasingly challenging for individuals ailed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, so it is our goal to ensure their continued ability to feel useful and successful at something. A mind satisfied by activity alleviates many of the distressing symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s which often reduces the need for the use of medications. Our staff have been trained to approach and manage activities that encourage participation and understanding such that residents do not become overwhelmed or feel incapable of performing. The following are common examples of sensory stimulating, failure-free activities we have available daily:

  • arts and crafts projects, muscle memory activities, knitting, scrapbooking, finger painting, pet therapy, pattern blocks, memory boxes, household duties, music therapy, decade music, Legos, building blocks, balloon tennis, job works: career simulations that mimic a resident’s professional abilities such as craftsman work, clerical duties, baking, nursing, etc., and managing fake financials. 

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