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Valley View at Cottage Street, LLC is a licensed, level III, residential care facility with an enhanced licensure that allows us to provide a secure physical environment and specialized memory care services for 11 residents.


Our philosophy of care focuses on maintaining a dynamic culture of caring that unifies the elements of senior wellness and the comforts of home to support the transitional and individualized needs of our residents. We believe that comprehensive care to manage the varying phases of cognitive impairments begins with understanding and addressing the physical, cognitive, emotional, and psychosocial needs of each resident.


Our high staff-to-resident ratio paired with strategic use of environmental comforts, psychosocial, and rehabilitative strategies and interventions at the core of our practice to mitigate resident-specific symptoms of cognitive impairment(s) optimizes a graceful aging experience for our residents. Our goal is that the pairing of our small, residential, living environment and individualized care services will support and promote the highest possible continuum of care and autonomy for each of our residents. 


Our facility is nestled in the small New England town of Bradford, Vermont, where residents will experience the comforts of being part of a small community. Located in a quaint residential neighborhood residents can enjoy children playing outside, surrounds of greenery and nature, wildlife, and an idyllic setting to experience the serenities of New England’s four seasons. 

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