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Financial Resources

Here you will find miscellaneous financial information pertaining to the costs of long-term care services in Vermont, and resources that may be helpful in learning more about available programs that provide financial assistance for individuals requiring long-term care. Our goal is to provide support for prospective residents and their families to ease the burdens of paying for long-term care.

* Please be advised that the resources listed on this page are not created or managed by our facility and are subject to change and/or may be inaccurate. We highly encourage you to contact us or the contact information for the resource directly to ensure that the information being provided is current and applicable to your circumstances.

Vermont Long-Term Care Medicaid Application

About Vermont's Long-Term Care Medicaid

Room and Board Calculator for Residents on Long-Term Care Medicaid

Vermont Law Help for Long-Term Care Medicaid

About Vermont's Choices-for-Care Medicaid Program

Assistive Community Care Services (ACCS) Medicaid

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