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Lifestyle and Activities

At Valley View, we believe that our residents have an opportunity to perform at their best when they have a living environment that provides them with the social and living comforts that allows them to feel at their best. One of our core goals is to maintain a calm, welcoming, and therapeutic living environment that simultaneously provides residents with an adequate level of psychosocial stimuli to encourage comfortable engagement in daily socialization and activities. We also focus a lot of attention towards supporting the positive social affects of our living environment to promote the highest achievable level of autonomy and participation when it comes to activities of daily living. 


In recognition of the unique physical, cognitive, and psychosocial challenges that many of our residents experience, each resident is supported with individualized care approaches and services based on their individualized health service, behavioral intervention, and activity programs. This approach supports our staff with providing effective care and behavioral strategies to reduce the social implications of cognitively impaired related behavioral symptoms. 

Daily Activities

Our staff plan daily activities at the direction of our residents that are centered around expressed interests. Activities are often offered in stations to diversify activity options that will appeal to different residents. The activity stations also increase participation for residents who require a modified activity, reduced stimuli, and/or 1:1 assistance from the staff to participate.


Frequently Requested Daily Activities Include: 

  • Arts and Crafts Stations

  • Movie Group

  • Music Group or Live Music

  • Virtual Decades Concerts

  • Karaoke 

  • Book Club

  • Scenic Rides Around the Community

  • Walking Group

  • Bingo

  • Coffee and Ice Cream Socials

  • Large Group Puzzles, Board and Card Games

  • Pet Therapy


For any residents who do not wish to participate in a group activity being offered, the staff will always encouraged and assisted them with organizing an independent activity that they can enjoy. 

Speciality Activities

One of the benefits of a smaller facility and our staff-to-resident ratio is that our staff is afforded with the time to support residents with customized activities that best align with their physical, cognitive, and psychosocial capabilities. 


Frequently Utilized Specialty Activities Include:

  • 1:1 Support with Participation in Group Activities

  • Dance and Music Therapy

  • Fidget Stations

  • Individual Car Rides

  • Individual Walks Outside

  • Memory Tables and Reminiscent Activities

  • Modified Versions of Group Activities

  • Multi-Sensory Stimulation

  • Organizing and Sorting Activities

  • Picture Puzzles

  • Reality Orientation Exercises

  • Skill Stations (Stations that use curated activities that focus on old memories or professions to stimulate interest, movement, and interaction)

Excursions and Day Trips

Community Excursions and Day Trip Activities Include:

  • Community Theater Productions

  • Dinner Train and Boat Tours

  • Evening and Late Night Car Ride

  • Fall Foliage Excursions and Nature Tours

  • Family and Community BBQs

  • Fishing Trips to Nearby Lakes, Rivers, and Ponds

  • Healthy Living Workshops

  • Holiday and Birthday Parties

  • Live Comedy and Musical Entertainment

  • Lunch Trips to Local Restaurants

  • Memorial, Labor, and Independence Day Festivities

  • Participation in Community Hosted Events

  • Pottery and Ceramic Classes at Nearby Studio

  • Scenic Tours to the White Mountains, Burlington, Hampton Beach, Lake Regions, and Other Tourist Locations in New England

  • Spiritual and Religious Services

  • Trips to Nearby Communities and Shopping Plazas

  • Visits to Antique Shops, Flea Markets, Auto Shows, and Community Fairs

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