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As a Vermont State licensed, level three residential care home, residents will be offered optimal health care services similar to those available at skilled long-term care options without the discomfort and intimidation of a larger facility.


For over twenty years, we have welcomed residents into our family and provided therapeutic assistive care that gives them and their loved ones true peace-of-mind and quality assurance. At Valley View, it is all about experiencing aging as though you never had to leave home. We pride ourselves on maintaining a living environment where our residents never feel the loss of freedom or independence, no matter what their level of care needs may be. Over the years, we have learned from the residents we have cared for, expanded upon our diversified experiences, and gained depth into the actualities of aging, which has enhanced our abilities to improve the lives of our residents. Our professional staff and management never limit the ways in which supportive care is provided or received and our staff actively collaborates to develop, structure and maintain a home that serves and meets the ever-changing physical, cognitive and psychosocial needs of our residents.

About Our Home

Our home is thoughtfully designed for the safety and comfort of our residents, warmly styled to reminisce authentic Vermont country living. Situated in the center of a calm wooded meadow enclosed by large pines, oaks, and hay fields with wild flowers residents can relish views of the Connecticut River valley, a small private pond and of course the mountain ranges making Valley View an idyllic spot for nature enthusiasts and for those who value the serenities of the four seasons in New England.


Having to leave your home for the increasing need of long-term care supports can be overwhelmingly difficult and can often lead to significant distress and discomfort. Here, our residents will be able to enjoy all of the comforts and amenities of living in a residential family home to support continued independence by fostering familiarity, adaptability and most importantly the unparalleled peaceful sense of being at home. 

Residents will be offered private rooms that will be personalized to their specified taste. We work with the direction of residents and their families to create unique personal living spaces that incorporates individual style and expectations of comfort. All of our rooms have easy access to handicap bathrooms, the kitchen, the dining room and all other communal areas allowing residents to navigate within the home with ease and independence.

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Philosophy of


It's simple... we believe in the power of a graceful aging experience. Our home and dedicated caretakers aim to extend that experience to all of our residents by fostering a  supportive, therapeutic living environment that is as easily transformative as their ever-changing care needs while always maintaining our center around compassion, dignity and respect.

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